When specialists from different disciplines come together, the result is a truly strong team that is perfectly coordinated. Each member contributes the skills he or she knows best. The outcome is impressive. In team sports this insight is the key to success. It provided us with the inspiration for founding United.



Team Feldmann stands for strategic and conceptual consulting in the sports business and the coordination of integrated communication concepts in sport.

Event Staging

VOK DAMS is among the world’s leading agencies for live marketing. Our creative staff stages fascinating experiences in space and time for brands in the sporting environment.

Brand Communication

kl,ondike ensures maximum impact and value capitalization of sports commitments. As a full-service creative agency – classical, online, social, CRM, POS...


UNITED Agencies
for Sports Marketing
GmbH & Co. KG
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60487 Frankfurt am Main

Frank Feldmann, Heike Feldmann

Mitglieder der Geschäftsleitung:
Gunnar Klink, Colja M. Dams

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